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About Red Elbows - Outdoor Country Clothing

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Red Elbows - Outdoor Country Clothing

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Red Elbows Outdoor Clothing is a specialist online retailer of quality, economic outdoor waterproof coats, shooting jackets & waistcoats, fleeces, quilted shooting jackets, waxed jackets, tweed shooting clothing (& accessories), clay pigeon shooting vests, wool pullovers, sweaters, cardigans & military jumpers.

The Red Elbows - Outdoor Country Clothing web site and web store are owned & run by SixTop Ltd. who trade in that name - You can find our contact details lower in this page.

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What Product Brands Do We Sell?
We focus on high quality, economic, stylish products in the World of Outdoor Clothing - and we've been selling the same product brands since 2003 and have always found them to be both exceptional value for money and hard wearing, robust and long lasting country clothes with both traditional and modern innovative traits.
Our products naturally appeal to those involved in the British way of country life, particularly those in involved in field sports and traditional UK country pursuits. Our waterproof jackets & coats, whilst very popular with the shooting community, are also sought after by bird watchers and naturalists, as well as anybody spending time outdoors in the inclement United Kingdom weather.
Currently our brands include the Deerhunter range, the Beaver Countrywear range and the Outdoor Knitwear range:

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The Deerhunter Range
As the name implies this vast Danish made range of clothing was originally targeted at the sport of Deer Stalking. These days there's Deerhunter clothing for just about any country pursuit and it's ability to keep you dry and warm appeals to all forms of outdoor activity, including game bird shooting, vermin control, hawking, deerstalking, clay pigeon shooting and trout, salmon & still water coarse fishing. The enormous range of Deerhunter camouflage clothing is equally suitable for any country pastime that requires you to be invisible to your audience - so paint balling, bird watching, wildlife photography, naturalists and many other country pursuits appreciate this camo range.
The Deerhunter fleeces suit anybody that wants to look smart, keep warm and comfortable outdoors.
The entire Deerhunter range is available from small to the (very) larger sizes for either the "petite" or "more substantial" person.

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The Beaver Range for Men, Women & Children
Focused originally on traditional British game shooting, the Beaver range offers smart and functional waterproof tweed coats & jackets, tweed shooting waistcoats, tweed shooting breeks and tweed hats. These tweed garments are not only very smart and highly functional, but also robust, long lasting and most notably very economic giving exceptional value for money and costing only a fraction of competitive products.
The Beaver traditional waxed cotton jackets, riding coats, hats, caps and over-trousers are truly waterproof, comfortable and good value. Their everyday range of quilted "car coats" and casual coats are smart, warm and great value for money and their long knee length socks are elegant and practical for country pastimes like shooting, rambling and hiking.

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Outdoor Knitwear Range of Unisex Jumpers
These traditional British Wool (and British made) jumpers, sweaters, pullovers and cardigans come in a wide range of colours and styles. The shooting jumpers have suede shoulder and elbow patches and an optional embroidered motif, the M.O.D. spec. military jumpers come in 12 colours and have cloth shoulder & elbow patches (with optional epaulettes and pen pocket on sleeve). Then there's the Nautical sweaters offering sailors (professional or otherwise) the comfort and warmth that can be so essential to boating of all forms. Whether Crew neck, Vee neck, Zip neck or Roll neck, and whatever your size, there's a jumper you'll like in this range!

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