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About Red Elbows - Outdoor Country Clothing

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About Red Elbows - Outdoor Country Clothing

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Red Elbows - Outdoor Country Clothing

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How To Use Our Shopping Cart System
This Help page contains details of the 5 simple, easy to use steps to purchase items with our shopping cart.
Please Note: We only accept online orders - when you place your order through our website, no human gets to see your debit card /credit card / PayPal details.
We Don't want anyone to know your payment card information, so we Will Not take phone orders.

General Tips:
DO NOT use your browser back/forward buttons to move through the cart, but use ONLY our buttons or links to navigate around the Shopping Cart.
Try using the Product Brand Selection menu (& info. pages menu) which can be accessed by selecting the "Menu" image at the top right: Example Navigation Menu
Read the instructions & messages at the top of every cart page. They will tell you what to do next. The next "logical step" is usually indicated by the button being YELLOW in colour (For example the Go to the NEXT Step Button button).

Step 1 Put Items in Your Cart

Making Purchases
Shop around the site, adding the items you want to your cart by choosing the Style / Colour / Size from the relevant page and clicking on the Buy Button button.
For each item that you buy, you'll need to confirm that you've read & agree with our Terms Of Sale (shown via the View Our Terms Of Sale button).

If you haven't finished yet & want to buy more items, continue shopping by hitting the Continue Shopping Button (to return to the last product page), or the Home Page Button (to select different products).

If you make any changes to the number of product items in the "Qty" column, make sure you update the cart by hitting the Re-Calculate Button button, or if you want to empty the cart, hit the Empty The Shopping Cart Button button (you can also delete an item by hitting the "Trashcan" Trash Can symbol alongside the Quantity in the "Qty." column).

Once you're happy you've bought want you want, hit the Go to the NEXT Step Button button.

If you've ordered goods from us before, the system may "REMEMBER" all your Delivery address details, if so go directly to step 3 below (Unless you need to change something in your previous delivery address by using either the Change Delivery Address Button or the Edit Delivery Address Button buttons).

Otherwise (if you've not ordered before) ...

Step 2 Tell Us Where To Deliver Your Order

Give Delivery Address
Fill in the address where you want your order delivered (the Company Name may be blank if it's not to a works address).
All deliveries must be signed for.

Please request delivery to your works address if nobody is at home to sign for the goods between 08:30 to 17:30 weekdays.
Be sure to get the Delivery Address, Post Code and your contact Telephone Number correct and it's important that your Email Address is exactly right (If your email address is wrong, then you won't get an order confirmation, or payment confirmation). When you've finished hit the Go to the NEXT Step Button button.

Step 3 Review Your Order and then Checkout

Review Order Details & Checkout
Make sure your Delivery Address is correct and that your Order Details are also correct, when you're happy with what you see & finished shopping and ready to check out, hit the Go to Checkoutn button.

Step 4 Give Your Billing (Payment) Address

Give Billing Address
If your Payment Address (that shown on your Credit or Debit Card Statement) is the same as your Delivery Address, then simply check the box to confirm that.
If your payment address is a different one, make the changes on the form given on this page.
Note: You can add any special instructions to your order at the foot of this page.
When ready hit the Place Your Order button.

Step 5 Hit the red "Click To Pay" via WorldPay

Pay Securely
The system will have emailed you (and us) a copy of what you've entered so far - this is simply for you to check - these emails are sent BEFORE YOU'VE PAID.

To Pay for your Order, hit the Pay button:
Place Your Order
This will take you to the WorldPay Secure Payment System to capture your payment details. Your Order Details will have been passed to WorldPay and should show on the next page. Select your payment method:
Cards Accepted By Us
When prompted enter your Card Number, Security Code & Expiry Date Details,
Tick the "I'm Not A Robot" box (alongside the reCAPTCHA logo at foot of page): reCAPTCHA
Hit the Pay button: Pay For Order Now

That's it, ALL DONE, your order is now complete!


Here's what each Shopping Cart Button does:

Home Page Button Home
This will take your browser back to our main page.

Continue Shopping Button Continue shopping
This will take your browser back to the page you last used in Shopping Cart system, or the shopping area.

Re-Calculate Button Re-calculate
This will update any changes in quantities you make to the items in your shopping cart. Enter a zero or blank to remove an item from your cart (or click on the Dustbin symbol alongside the quantity to delete). Enter a different quantity to change the quantity ordered for a particular item. Then click the re-calculate button to record changes.
Important: If you make any changes in quantities you must hit the re-calculate button to update the changes before you proceed.

Re-Calculate ButtonDelete cart
This will remove all items from your shopping cart.

Trash Can Delete Qty (Trash)
This will remove this item from your shopping cart.

Edit Your Cart Edit cart
This will return you to change the quantities of items currently in your shopping cart. If you do change any quantities, you need to use the re-calculate button before proceeding.

Proceed Next
This will allow you to proceed to the next step.

Edit your Shipping or Billing Address Edit
This enables you to edit Shipping or Billing Address information for your Order.

Checkout Checkout
This will take you to the checkout, where you will be prompted to enter payment information. Nothing is billed until you've entered all needed payment information through the WorldPay Secure Server or PayPal.

reCAPTCHA Tells the WorldPay Secure Server that this is a human & not a dubious robot.

Pay For Order Now After you enter all the required payment information, click on this button to submit your order info to the Secure Payment System. When your payment information is correct and approved, a final invoice will be displayed. You can print the final invoice for your records (a link to the invoice is included in your Order Confirmation Email).

Is Your Cart Working ?
If you are placing items into your cart, but they are not staying in your cart, then your browser may be rejecting cookies. To find out if your browser is rejecting cookies, place an item in your cart from anywhere on the site, and then click on the Buy button. If your browser does not have cookies enabled, then you will be redirected to a page with an error message. You'll need to enable cookies on your browser to use this shopping cart.

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Everything we sell is brand new and on sale here at discounted sale prices, offering you excellent value for money. Products have a 12 month manufacturer's warranty.
Our prices are in £ Sterling (GBP) & include UK VAT.

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